Borders/AMAZE #7

A book by Nicole Walker and HAAL

Borders fashion book demonstrates: Zero tolerance for racism.

Racism and borders define today's media landscape and receive new relevance in our society. What limitations separate, which defined spaces unite? The book BORDERS questions otherness, separation and power hierarchies contextualising fashion and art at core.

The collaborating partners Amaze and HAAL -- visually discuss zero tolerance for racism and explore the space beyond borders. Divided into four chapters, the book consists of works by Alex de Brabant, Chris Maggio, J Ari King, Henrik Alm and Valter Törsleff. Amongst others are Swedish artist Anna Uddenberg presented as well as personalities like Karl Kolbitz, Sasha Melnychuk and Josh Johnson. Poems by poet Nathaniel Marcus runs through the book as a river of verbal emotions and captures the spirit of the photos in words.

CHAPTER 1 ”Proxima B / Temporary Planets”

Shot by Alex de Brabant in Berlin this story present parts of HAAL SS19 as well as the HAAL Duplex Lens depicting Earth versus Proxima B: the planet predicted by Stephen Hawking as our second home to be, our second chance after the ultimate fuck up. This story explores our perception, our connection to nature and the animal human division line. The iris as a planet, as the ultimate open window to the soul.

CHAPTER 2 ”Walls”

Borders are carved in to the idea of the landscape of our planet. We build walls, fences and barb wire to separate the “us” from the “them”. In this chapter we have images by photographer J Ari King, from different places around the globe. With inserted 3D sketches of the domesticated fence, the historical greek columns, the concrete wall, the ever rising iceberg. We also portrayed performer Josh Johnson, styling him in the most stereotypical way of showing power through garments. We shot him by the remains of the Berlin wall.

CHAPTER 3 ”Post a story of the protest, later delete it”

Chris Maggios pictures portray the reality of human everyday life in America. It’s a beautiful way of seeing the humanity in everyone.

CHAPTER 4 ”What We All Do”

What do we all do, most days of our lives. We sleep, fuck, eat, drink water, cry, smell, and take a shit. In Valter Törsleff photo series he documents his close friend Sasha Melnychuk and their trip on the French Riviera. By seeing the common things that touches us in our everyday lives we can see how we as an entire spices are not separated but stands on common ground. There is only we, no them.