AMAZE 11 ! ! !

Curated by Nicole Walker

Stadshuset, Stockholm, Sweden

November 2023

Featuring artists ANNA UDDENBERG & SUUTOO

Anna Uddenberg


polylactic acid, thermoset polymer resin, electropolished stainless steel, foam boat flooring, leather, chalk paint

205 x 190 x 108 cm


Finger VI, 2018

acrylic, resin on fiberglass, spray filler, acrylic paint, UV nail gel

108 x 18 x 18 cm

Through the feedback loop of consumerist culture, Anna Uddenberg investigates how body culture, spirituality, and self-staging are intertwined with the mediation and production of subjectivity by new technologies and circulation of forms. Her practice integrates approaches to gender while acting as a space for reflecting on taste and class, appropriation and sexuality, pushing these questions into new material territories. Uddenberg’s work continues to confront feminine identity in consumer culture and explores performativity by using sculpture and performance as visual platforms. The use of automobile skeletal structures and other utilitarian structures in her latest abstract and figurative works refers to the concept of comfort zone and proxies for architecture. The “furnituresque” outlook is a result of multiple rearrangements of everyday objects and materials, which are set in a new dialogue with one another.


GODSPEL / GODSPEED (Call & Respond), 2023

Sound Loop, sound-system, sand, lighter, tape

Variable dimensions

In ‘GODSPEL / GODSPEED (Call & Respond)’ the artist uses field recordings from protests, frequencies of the sun, sub-bass, repetition and silence to assemble a rising sonic landscape, it is an ode to freedom dreams and upsetters.

Suutoo is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and performer with a focus on world-building, deeply invested in strategies of refusal and emancipation. Suutoo uses sonics, visuals, poetry and performance to play with process and poetics, the undoing and becoming of myth. Meditating on symbols for cataclysmic moments of prosaic and colossal proportion, Suutoo continually reflects on how myth informs reality.

All Suutoo wants to be is free.

Photos & video by Erik Pousette