Annie Hägg

Anton Alvarez

Fabian Bergmark Näsman

Jonatan Leandoer

Love is Shouty but Iconic

Nguzunguzu and Josh Johnson

Nicole Walker

Otis Huss

Tommy Sveningsson Krek

CURATED BY Amaze @home gallery

OPENING 26.3-4.4.2021

Strange reminders of things passed, WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAR AWAY FROM BEING CLOSE WHILE THE STORY CONTINUEs TO GROw. IM STAYING HOME, STAYING safe. We live, you die. Wanna go look at art and feel awkward in the right kind of way. So we live, grow older and breath, and keep our eyes open for another rising of the star.

Annie Hägg Abject Jester Paper, marble, wood 2021

Anton Alvarez 3005191045 Coloured stoneware Huddinge City trans crate 2001

Fabian Bergmark Näsman Titel: Fig. 33 Glass fiber reinforced epoxy, polyurethane paint 2021

Jonatan Leandoer Grön stjärna Tre

Love is Shouty but Iconic Ice skate purse Cooked shoe candlestick

Nguzunguzu and Josh Johnson Starring Meiri Maeda & Lucas Rodriguez Valente Directed by: Josh Johnson & Asma Maroof Editor/ FX: Anthony Valdez Produced by: Natascha Simons & Wu Tsang & Joshua Wicke Cinematography: Christina Welter & Josh Johnson Movement Direction: Josh Johnson Clothes by: Ottolinger & Balenciaga Special Thanks to Schauspielhaus Zürich

Nicole Walker Rain on me (Fountain of youth) Glass, chair, funeral roses, water and pump 2021

Otis Huss Högklackad sko Förevigt 21 Hitta Nemo 13 Otis Tänder

Tommy Sveningsson Krek Näckrosor Akryl på bomull